Monday, January 19, 2015

Modern Building Blocks Quilt Along: Month 4 - Section D

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and was able to get caught up on our quilt along! This month's section has five larger blocks, and they didn't take me too long.  So hopefully they won't take you too long either!

Section D

Block 4 - 24"

Block 7 - 18"

Block 9 - 18"

Block 14 - 12"

Block 18 - 12"

Below shows all five blocks together for Section D.  I might redo Block 4 because I am not sure that I like it with the others, but I am going to wait until I have all of the other blocks finished first.

And now for the exciting part, our winner for last month's Section C is Stacey @ The Tilted Quilt. Congrats Stacey!  I will get your red and white fabric bundle and Aurifil thread out to you as soon as possible.  Thank you so much to everyone for participating and I hope you continue to play along!

For our Section D prize, I figured I might change it up a bit, this month's prize will be a $25 gift card to the Etsy shop!  This way you can choose whatever you like.  Any suggestions for future prizes are always welcome, just comment below.

Note:  Gift card value does not include shipping costs, thank you!

Just add your photo link of your Section D below by February 15, 2015 and I will choose one entry at random for our Etsy Shop Gift Certificate!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Modern Building Blocks Quilt Along: Month 3 - Section C Part 2

As you know from my previous quilt along post, I was terribly behind on my Section C blocks.  I am sure many of us had crazy Decembers, so hopefully this extra time helped everyone get caught up.  I just wanted to take a moment to post my photos of my completed Section C and remind everyone that you still have until 18 January to get your Section C photos linked up in my original post for this section.

Section C had only nine blocks.  Below are the block numbers, sizes, and photos of my blocks.

Block 3 - 30"

Block 11 - 12"

Block 13 - 12"

Block 15 - 12"

Block 16 - 12"

Blocks 48, 23, 24, 29 (from top to bottom) - 6"
Below is my completed Section C.  Please link up your Section C photos here to be entered for a great prize of fabric and Aurifil thread and floss.  And also remember you can print out your Gooba Designs MMBB block checklist here.  Hope to see your blocks soon!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Moda's Piece and Comfort Challange 2015 Starts Today!

Our shop is participating in Moda's Piece and Comfort Challenge starting today and I hope that you will join in!  This particular challenge serves to recognize and honor the sacrifices that are made by our country's military families.  As an Army family, we know the challenges facing military families first hand and we are so excited to be a part of this fun challenge.  Being an online only shop we will obviously not be able to display entry quilts in our shop, however we will have all of our shop entries displayed in an upcoming blog post on April 6th for everyone to vote on a shop winner.  We will also  show off our entries on our Instagram account as well!  Each shop's Viewer's Choice winner will receive a prize and be entered into Moda's Piece and Comfort national online quilt show.  The winners for the Moda's national online quilt show will be announced May 8th.

Now here is how to enter.  You can view all the information that you need for the challenge here or I can email you the information as well.  If you are interested in potentially participating email me at and I can send you an entry form and all other information.  You can either fill out the entry and email it back to me or send it to our address that will be included in the email sent. 
The challenge begins today, January 1st and runs through March 31st.  The two featured fabrics are Red, White & Free by Sandy Gervais and Because of the Brave by Moda.  We have a few Red, White & Free by Sandy Gervais pre-cuts and some yardage available in our Etsy shop, however you do not need to purchase fabric from our shop to enter your quilt with our shop.  If you are interested in purchasing from our shop, use the coupon code PIECE2015 for 15% off of any purchase with Red, White & Free fabric now through the end of the month or while supplies last!  (coupon code not valid for preorder items)
Hope to see your quilts soon!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Modern Building Blocks Quilt Along: Month 3 - Section C

I know I am so late again this month getting the quilt along post finished, but we have had so many hurdles come up with our family and it has just been a bit difficult to keep up. That said, I am not finished with my blocks for this month, however I finished the 30" block, #3, that you can see below and I plan on getting the other eight finished and posted as soon as possible.  You can always reprint or check out our nifty printable pdf checklist for the blocks and sections in our original "Plan of Attack" post.
Because I am having trouble keeping up myself, I have decided to extend the date for linking up your Section C to 18 January 2015.  This way we can get the holidays out of the way and have a bit of time to catch up.  Plus, Section D/January only has five blocks so it should all balance out.  Hopefully you guys don't mind and I apologize again for having to change things around a bit and for not being terribly punctual.  

As I am finishing up the Section C blocks, I will post a couple more updates to show my Section C blocks as examples.  I will keep the photo link up on this post, so when you finish your Section C please come back to this post to link up.  You will have until 18 January.

Now for the fun parts!  First up is our winner for Section B, which is Peggy Aront. Congrats Peggy!  You should check out Peggy's gorgeous blocks.  She is using Denise Schmidt prints and her quilt is looking beautiful.  I cannot wait to see it finished.  Also, since I made you guys wait so darn long for this post, I would like to also send a little something to Stacey and Susan as well.  If you guys contact me via email, I will get your prizes out as soon as possible.  Thank you so much for participating and sharing!

And lastly, for our Section C prize, we have an Aurifil small spool sampler with six spools of different thread types in red (including Aurifloss) as well as six red and white fat quarters (all are 18" x 21" except for the white with red dots which is a 20" square).  The red is perfect for any holiday projects including Valentine's Day which is coming up in only a couple of months.  Any suggestions for future prizes are always welcome, just comment below.
Link up photos of your Section C blocks below to be entered for this months prizes. Remember link ups will be open until 18 Jan 2015 at 11:55pm EST, so don't forget to come back and show us your work!

Thanks so much for quilting along or just checking out everyone's progress.  Happy sewing!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Modern Building Blocks Quilt Along: Month 2 - Section B

First off, many apologies for the delay in this blog post!  I feel terrible that I have been so behind these past couple of weeks, however, hopefully this will not be an issue again in the future, fingers crossed.  And I am sure you guys who entered last month (you are awesome by the way) are wondering about the prize, so I won't keep you waiting any longer on that front.  If you haven't already done so, please check out everyone's entries for Section A.  They are wonderful and I am hoping to get more people to join in with us as we move along.
Our winner for Section A entries is #4 Stacey!!!  Thanks so much for linking up and I will contact you via Instagram or feel free to email me so I can get your prize to you as soon as possible.

Now on to the new stuff....Section B!  This section is nice because there are only three block, but as you know the one is monstrous.  Since there were only three, I will go through mention a few things about each of them along the way.

Block #1, 36"

So, I made this block first because I have to admit I have been itching to make this giant block ever since I first saw this pattern.  And it is definitely awesome, however I had a bit of trouble with mine.  Not so much with the construction, but with it not being the correct size.  Mine turned out about 1.5" too small...pretty hard to fix that much of a difference.  When I was piecing the center pieces (the red and white)  they went together fine, things lined up and all seemed well, however when I went to add the blue triangles around it they seemed really large.  So, I trimmed then down to have a quarter inch seem allowance on all side, which then of course made the next pieces too large.  After all the trimming I realized that wasn't very smart since now my block would not fit in its place!  After staring at my block for a very long time, I decided to remake the block.  I was not really loving how the block looked with the rest of my blocks either, so this just solidifies my decision to remake the block and change the colors as well.  Please let me know if any of you run in to any similar problems.  It is however very possible that I cut the center pieces incorrectly, especially since I was doing some middle of the night sewing.  Here is what I was thinking for the new colors.  A perfect blend of Sweetwater and Bonnie & Camille!

Block #5, 18"

This block was pretty straightforward and appears to have turned out fine.  I like this one!

Block #6, 18"

This block was super fast to piece since there were no half square triangles!

And here are the blocks all together (but not sewn yet since I have yet to make my Block1 replacement).

I certainly cannot wait to see everyone's Section B, but let's move on to the fun stuff shall we...this month's prizes!  This month the prize will be a Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander Aurifil 10 Small Spool Collection.  It includes 10 beautiful colors of 50wt 100% cotton thread for a total of 2,220 yards!  Please link up your Section B photos below by 11:55pm on November 30th for a chance at this awesome prize.


Also, please feel free to leave comments on this post for suggestions on futures prizes or any other question or concern you might have.  If you are on Instagram, please tag your quilt along photos with #modernbuildingblocksqal and tag me as well please @goobadesigns!  Thank so much again and hopefully you will join in on month two of our quilt along.