Saturday, May 31, 2014

Party Dress from the Riding Peplum and Party Dress Pattern by April Rhodes

I recently had a small piece of voile that had some damage to it that I wanted to use somehow.  I had been wanting to make a Party Dress ever since I finished my Riding Peplum a few weeks ago.  Since I didn't have enough of the voile to make a whole dress, I decided I could use it for the bodice and then use a different fabric for the skirt.  In comes Essex linen, which I am sure I have mentioned before is one of my favorite fabrics.  I had purchased some of the yarn dyed steel color from a friend on Instagram (thank you @auntipami), and it matched the Palos Verdes La Venta voile that I wanted to use for the bodice perfectly....score!  My only concern was that the Essex linen would be a bit heavy and pull on the voile too much.  Turns out it was not a problem.  The Essex linen has a nice drape and I did not have make any alterations to the pattern instructions!

The only bad thing is that the triangles in the print are a bit off and so the waist seem looks a bit wonky but it actually isn't....oh well.

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