Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Scrap Blocks and Knit Top

It is already Wednesday again and I wanted to take a few minutes to post about a couple of "works in progress."  The first has been a project that I started way back when I made my first quilt.  One of my favorite things about making quilts is choosing the fabric and how the combination of fabrics looks together, so early on I decide to make one 8 1/2" square block using scraps from all of the quilts that I make.  I just basically used whatever pieces that I had and pieced them together with no particular pattern in mind.  
With those blocks I would make a sort of sampler quilt at some point.  I made a couple back in the beginning and then stopped until recently when I started making the quilt tops for the Simply Retro Quilt Along.  Now I have a couple of new ones so I thought I might share what I have so far.  I have skipped a few of my quilts along the way, however I will hopefully catch up eventually.  Below is the first scrap block of scraps from the baby quilt I made for one of my sister-in-law's first baby.
The next block is from scraps of a quilt that I actually cut all of the pieces for but STILL have not pieced.  I used a pattern by Carolina Patchwork called Another Brick in the Wall, which I loved so much, and I loved the fabric she used so much that I used the same (Hello Betty by Chloe's Closet for Moda).  That is the only time I have done that, but if I ever get the quilt done I will definitely be happy that I did.
The next one was from a quilt that I made in a quilting class that I took and decided to give the quilt to my mother and father-in-law for Christmas that year.  I believe the fabric was by Studio E, perhaps the line was called Flourish...not too sure though.  Anyway, I finally took some photos of that quilt last weekend when we went up to visit, so I will add those to the gallery shortly.
 At this point I have a pretty big gap that does not include a few of the quilts that I made or am still in the process of making!  So the next few will be from the quilt tops or other projects I made for the Simply Retro Quilt Along.  The first is from the Dapper quilt.  I particularly liked how this one turned out.  Because I the pattern I had pretty much only triangles as scraps, so I pieced them together, and viola...
Next was the Dwell quilt wall hanging that I actually finished!  It is supposed to be a Christmas theme, however I tried to use scraps that were not too Christmas-y....I think it will work.
The next is the Playground quilt top which I used a layer cake of Mind Your P's and Q's.  I really liked the colors on this one and all of the scraps were super skinny scraps, so the block was pretty unique....I like it!
As for the Swell quilt top, I had so many half square triangles from it that I don't just want to make a scrap block I was thinking of making a pillow case or something to go along with the finished quilt.  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?
Here are a couple that I thought might look cool....chevrons....
 Or a diamond like pattern....I guess there are quite a few possibilities!
Lastly, I have been wanting to make something with the Heather Ross Strawberry in Lilac Jersey Knit fabric for a while.  I knew that I wanted to make some leggings for the Goob, however I wanted to make something for me as well.  Last week Imagine Gnats and Made with Moxie were hosting a Selfish Sewing Week, which I thought was awesome, so I decided to make myself a top out of this knit.  I, however, did not make my finish in time to post there, but I did finish my project on Monday.  But because I tend to skip the muslins and I was in a hurry to finish, the top was a little too large.  It looks okay, but definitely could have been a bit smaller.  So I decided to cut out a size eight instead of the original 12 (based on my measurements) and I think it is going to work out a lot better.  I haven't quite finished it yet which is why I am including it here.  I will most likely post about both shirts when I actually finish this second one...hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  The pattern is super easy and fast to put together, I really want to tell you guys about it.
Well, I better get back to work....until next time....have fun creating!

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  1. Those squares will make for a great sampler quilt. Nice way to recall all the quilts you've made too!

  2. Love all those blocks! They would look pretty as a sampler quilt! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. All of your blocks are so interesting! They will look great in a quilt. Did you design each block?