Friday, July 4, 2014

My Dress Pattern by Debbie Brooke Designs in Kaufman Indigo Chambray Dot

Do you remember the knit version of the My Dress from a couple of weeks ago using the awesome new Arizona knit fabricWell, I managed to finish a woven version of the My Dress today...yay!!!  I recently got some Robert Kaufman Chambray Dot fabric into the shop and I was itching to make something with it.  Then when I got the My Dress pattern to test I knew it would be the perfect match for this fabric.  The reason being that this fabric looks amazing from either side, check it out!
So, since this dress has a separate bodice and skirt, I used the "right" side of the fabric for the skirt portion and then flipped the fabric and used the "wrong" side for the bodice.  
This fabric is gorgeous by the way and I want to make so many more things out of it!   As for the pattern, there are a couple of differences between making the woven version versus the knit version.  First of all, for this woven version you insert a zipper on the side seam.  You know, zippers really aren't that bad but I decided I don't love doing them.  I realize that I tend to procrastinate forever when it comes to the zipper part....bah.  The other difference that is mentioned when doing the knit version versus the woven is that you size down for the knit, which is absolutely true.  I cut the same size as I did not the knit version and I ended up having to change my side seams to 1/2 inch seams instead of 5/8 inch seams to allow for enough room in the bodice.  It probably would have been smarter to do as the instructions suggested and use the larger size.  I suppose when I make another of these woven My Dresses I will cut a size larger and see how that goes.
I did have a couple of issues with some aspects of the dress.  The first was that I was having a bit of a problem with a bit of "bulging," if that is even the correct word, on the side seam where my zipper ended right at my hip.  I just ended up lessening the curvature of the seam there, but it could have been where I ended up cutting the zipper in addition to the curvature in that location....but not too sure.  I noticed a bit in the knit version but it is much more forgiving in the knit version.  Lastly, I noticed that the fabric below the back bodice seam bunches.  The skirt does not seem too tight, but perhaps it is and that is why it bunches there.  I was thinking that perhaps I could shorten the back bodice or the top of the skirt back, but I am not really sure.  Any ideas?
Did I mention last time how much I love the pleats?  Well, I do, so I will subject you to a close up.
Now for the super stiff and awkward side pose....weird.

And, of course, what photo shoot would be complete without a photo bomb from the Goob...enjoy!
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  1. Lovely dress Kristin - great photos too! The fabric looks really interesting and it is clever of you to do the flip with it. :-) What a cute wee girl you have!

  2. Shorten the skirt back should fix it. Love the dress and fabric

  3. love those pleats also,,,,shorten the back of skirt, reason there is a because some of us, like me, have a more rounder backside. so remember your spine curve and tailbone end is a different curve point on different dresses...more fittted the dress the more curve needs to be taken into consideration.........great job on the side zipper, looks good.....

  4. This is lovely, what a great idea to use both sides of the same fabric.