Friday, February 27, 2015

Modern Building Blocks Quilt Along: Month 5 - Section E

Well, we are getting toward the end of our quilt along.  At this point we have more than half of our blocks completed, including all but one of the larger blocks.  From this point on, the rest of our blocks are 6" except for Block 2 of Section G that is 36".  I don't know about you guys, but I am so excited to have this mammoth beauty finished.  Have any if you started thinking about how you are going to quilt it yet?  At this point the thought makes my brain hurt a little, so I am going to put it off a bit longer!

So, for this month, we are working n Section E.  This section includes six, six inch blocks: 26, 27, 30, 32, 40, and 47.  Most of these blocks are pretty simple, but a couple have quite a few pieces.  Overall these six did not take long to complete.  

One thing I started doing with my blocks a while back, especially since the giant block I had to redo back in Section B, was rounding most cutting measurement up 1/8 of an inch.  This helped particularly with getting half square triangles perfectly square, because I could sew and press them then cut them down to the correct size.  This also helped overall with getting a more accurately sized finished block.  When using this technique, you do need to pay attention to sizing as you go so that everything remains proportional.  I have to admit I had to take a couple blocks apart because I wasn't paying attention and didn't trim as I pieced the block.

Don't forget to keep track of your blocks and any notes on the pdf checklist found in our original quilt along post, here!

Here are my blocks for Section E:

Block #26 - 6"

Block #27 - 6"

Block #30 - 6"

Block #32 - 6"

Block #40 - 6"

Block #47 - 6"

Here are the Section E blocks in the order within the quilt.

Here is also a photo of all of the sections so far.  It is such a large quilt, making it difficult for me to take photos because my house has limited places to take the photo!  I think you can still get the idea.

Okay, now for our winner for last month's section, Section D.  Congrats Peggy, you won the $25 Etsy Gift Certificate to the shop!  I will contact you with details on your prize. Thank you so much to everyone who participated last month as well as thorough out our quilt along so far.

Our new prize for Section E will be a Color Theory Aurifil Mini Quilt Kit, shown below. This is such a neat kit because it not only has seven small spools of 50wt 100% cotton Aurifil thread, but it also has a Color Theory Mini Charm pack and a mini charm pattern called Lucky Star by Vanessa Christenson.  They are available in the Etsy shop as well, here.

To be eligible for this section's prize, simply link up a photo of your Section F blocks below before 11:55pm on March 31st.  After the link up closes a winner will be chosen at random and posted in Section F's post.  If you have any trouble or questions, just send me a message and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks so much again for stopping by and I hope you can join in with us!


  1. Congratulations, Peggy!!! I keep missing the prize but I'll keep trying for it.....this next one looks great! Love your blocks, Kristen! I'm almost ready to post mine.

  2. I am thrilled to have won! I'll be waiting to hear from you Kristin....