Sunday, August 18, 2013

Playground Quilt: Week Six of Simply Retro Quilt Along

It is a first for me to have a stack of quilt tops to quilt; a stack being three.  I am pretty excited at how much I have finished in the past couple of weeks when there are actual deadlines to meet.  Deadlines are good, because it makes me get things done, but I am getting pretty tired staying up so late to finish the quilt tops on time.

Anyway, the Playground Quilt from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley was one of the designs that I liked the most from the book, so I was excited to complete it.  I, however, only had three layer cakes to choose from, which I know you do not have to use one but I felt it was the easiest way to go with such little time.  One of the layer cakes I definitely did not want to use because I felt it would not go well with the pattern and another I am waiting to use with the Framed pattern from the book, so that left me with Keiki's Mind Your P's and Q's.  I found this particular layer cake on sale a while back; it was not a line that I would have usually picked up but did so mainly because is was on sale (I am a sucker for a good sale) and it had letter and animal prints which I thought would be great for my two year old.  That said, she does not really NEED another quilt.  Excuses...or justification to buy more fabric I suppose.

Now back to business, I did not modify the pattern at all.  I used the layer cake squares as suggested  and used a solid cream as the background.  Pretty straight forward.  I noticed I had the incorrect number of squares cut when I got toward the end which was a little frustrating, because I had too many small sizes and needed ONE more larger sized square....figures.  Can't make the smaller ones bigger, obviously, so I ended up having to cut an additional layer cake square, which was fine because the pattern did not use all of the squares in the pack....thank goodness.  So much for counting twice and cutting once, or however that goes.  As for my pictures, I have to apologize that they are not very good since I had my husband holding up the top outside in the rain....thank you B!  Perhaps when the quilt is finished and I am not on such a time crunch, I will get some better photos up.

Maybe this week I will be lucky and win the drawing in the Quilt Along, then again there is always next week.  That is if I can make the deadline, now that all the kids are back home and school is about to start.  Wish me luck and have fun creating!

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