Friday, September 27, 2013

First Finish It Up Friday: Crewcuts Knock Off

It always feels great to finish up a project, especially when you like to begin many, yet finish few.  Back around April I went into a J.Crew store, which I actually had not done for a long time....having kids does that to you I suppose.  Anyway, I saw a Crewcuts top for girls that I liked a lot, however I did not like the price tag.  And of course, I immediately thought, what I am sure many of you do as well....I can make that!  Usually I think better of it and realize, hold on Kristin, you already have a hundred projects that you want to do, just buy the darn thing and get it over with!  However, this time I decided to go for it, especially since it seemed fairly straight forward.  Okay enough talk, the top that I liked is pictured below.

I do want to mention one more time that I decided to make it back in April, but just finished it this week!  Ridiculous, I know.  I got all of the supplies to make it and even cut the majority of it out back in June!   All of the supplies I picked up at an awesome fabric shop in Nashville, TN called Textile Fabrics.  If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth the time and they usually have some really neat finds in the sale section.  Anyway, at least the top is finished.  I also got a bit lazy and did not want to make a closure on the back of the neckline.  That is why I did not gather the neckline, which I am regretting a bit now....but I had to make the opening large enough to fit over her head.  I will most likely go back and fix it but who knows.  I just used store bought woven bias trim to add a little bit of stability to the neckline so that it would not stretch too much.  After Goobie wore it all day, playing and tugging at actually held up very well.  Now, let's get to the pictures, shall we?

As you can see, I also used some Anna Marie Horner Renaissance Ribbon to create the casing for the elastic. I think I really like how that part turned out, and I will probably be doing it again in the future.  Perhaps, with some of the awesome Tula Pink Renaissance Ribbon.

Now, I will subject you to several pictures of "Goobie" wearing her new princess she likes to call it.  It actually looks a lot cuter on her than I thought when I first finished the top.  Here she is...

Here is a little close up of the pom pom trim along the sides.  I basically used the pom pom to cover the raw edge by sewing the pom pom trim to the front of the shirt trim then folding it over toward the inside and then edge worked out pretty well and held up in the wash...score.

Just one more...

I feel that the top would definitely benefit from gathering the front neckline and then adding a small slit with a button closure at the middle of the back neckline.  Whether it happens or not, at least I finished it and it is wearable!

Until next time, have fun creating! 

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  1. My 3 year old saw the first picture and said "is that Luke." He thinks it is a perfect Star Wars top! It looks very cute on your daughter... I think I may now be making one for my son!

  2. visiting from Crazy Mum Quilts. I love this. What a great top. It would look good in adult size too.

  3. Love this top! I remember a similar design from my youth, decades ago. The best design always comes back!

  4. I actually like your version much better! Yours have color and movement, the first lacks style.

  5. Thanks so much for all the SUPER nice comments! I think that the top could totally be a Jedi tunic....we love Star Wars in our house, and I am surprised no one picked up on that. In addition, I might just have to try my hand at making a "me sized" version, considering it was basically cutting out at rectangle with a circle in the middle!