Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adorn Quilt: Week Eight of Simply Retro Quilt Along

New week, new project.  I have been wanting to make a small quilt to put on the wall of my sewing room for a while, but was not sure exactly what I wanted to do.  I knew that I wanted to use the purple colorway of Tula Pink's Birds and the Bees fabric as well as know like a honeycomb.  I had the fabric but could not decide on a specific design.  When this week's quilt along project came up I decided to use the center of the star, which made a hexagon, as the focal point and use two different neutral fabrics around the center to create more "background" hexagons.  The result looks very different and I am still not sure how I feel about, since it makes me think of a radioactive symbol! It actually looked a little better before I trimmed the sides, since you could see the entire hexagon.  Oh well, can't undo that!

Anyway, since it did not turn out how I wanted, I decided to make a star, using my "Christmas fabric" scraps from a tree skirt I am (still) making for my sister (sorry Stef) and the Dwell quilt from last week.

Now, as for my "radioactive" wall hanging (pictures below), I am going to keep working on it and hopefully get it where I want it to be....eventually.  I actually already took it apart and put it back together once, because I assembled the triangles in the wrong directions.  Even when I was putting the strips together I wasn't thinking so I have a couple of the same fabrics touching...which I was trying to avoid.  Again, probably isn't a great idea to quilt in the wee hours of the morning, but hey at least I am getting some things done!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and stay tuned to see what comes of the "radioactive" quilt.  Until next time, have fun creating!


  1. Man! I'm in love with the purple and grey combo! ...and you know how I feel about hexagons. I like it....and the fact that it's "radioactive".
    The christmas pillow turned out great too! I love the detail of the stippling (I think that's the term?).

    Amazing job! As usual.

    And no worries on the tree still have 3 months to finish.
    No pressure. Jk...sorta.

  2. Love your Tula pink block. Fabulous stuff.

  3. Love your Christmas star pillow, Kristin! It's gorgeous, especially the quilting. Great job! I appreciated your comment left on my blog today, but because you are a no reply blogger, I wanted to track you down and say thank you. Thank You!