Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweet Life Quilt: Week Nine of the Simply Retro Quilt Along

Well, I was not able to finish my quilt top for what I thought was this week’s quilt along submission, but it turns out the link was opened up again.  Anyway, I finished all but the six inch border that goes around the quilt top so I am no longer stuck with not so great photos.  This week was pretty crazy though.  The kids went back to school, soccer started…all sorts of things.  I feel the phrase that sums up this week best, as far as getting anything accomplished, is Murphy’s Law….anything that can go wrong will!  Did I get that right?!?!  Don’t get me wrong, the kids were great this week except for my two year old’s continuing “fear” of going poopie on the potty and proceeding to roll around on the carpet with poop in her panties….lovely.  That said, as far as sewing productivity was concerned, I was pretty much halted for a majority of the week.
For my “Sweet Life” quilt I really wanted to go low volume.  I love the idea of low volume and it seems to be a bit of a trend lately….or at least I think it is.  Anyway, I recently fell in love with the new Koi Collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud 9.  One of my favorite prints from the collection is Scalloped Edge in ivory, and I wanted to use it in a quilt where it could be the main focus and then highlight the shell pink, water blue, and plum.  So when I saw the Sweet Life pattern I thought it would be perfect for these fabrics.  Instead of using various fat quarter I decided to use the same fabric for each of the star’s centers, in this case Scalloped Edge. Then the star points I used Smile and Wave in each of the three colors I mentioned earlier, for this particular quilt three stars for each color.  I only made nine stars so the quilt will be more of a throw or generous crib size, since I have recently had some baby quilt requests.  I thought this fabric combination and quilt design would be great for a baby girl!  Lastly, I left out the corner stones and I am making the entire background the same solid color, Bella Solid in Porcelain.  I have included my fabric amounts below and some photos.  Enjoy!

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