Saturday, October 5, 2013

Knits Galore: A Finish It Up Friday Edition

Okay, I am not going to lie, I have only sewn with knits twice.  And the one time probably doesn't really count since it was just a hem around a blanket!  The other time was a knit top for my youngest using the cute Oliver + S pattern called the Hopscotch Skirt, Knit Top and Dress.  Really quickly, I would like to say that the Oliver + S patterns are probably my favorite when it comes to making stuff for my youngest daughter...then again I think most of us would agree with that one.  Alright, so that leads me to the subject of this post...knits.  They can seem pretty intimidating and I am sure some are a lot easier to sew with than others, but what really inspired me to sew with knits recently is the Briar Rose Strawberry jersey knit fabric by Heather Ross.  It has such a wonderful, soft feel to it but it is not super me it is pretty perfect for a basic knit tee.  Because I don't have enough patterns already (wink, wink) I decided to search of an easy knit t-shirt type pattern that had a nice shape and I could finish quickly.  I found what I was looking for in New Look Pattern 6216.  Basically it has a simple t-shirt style but with cute cap-like sleeves.  I did, however, get in trouble a bit with this one, because I chose my size based on my measurements, which was a 12, but the result was a little on the large size.  It is still very comfy, but a little large.  I was thinking of perhaps adding a block of shirring in the middle front and back, but that might be a little ambitious at this point...we will have to see what transpires.

Since I could not just stop there, I decided to trace the pattern again, this time two sizes down to an eight.  For this top I used a knit that I had in my stash, which I probably bought about two years ago at this point, to make something for my youngest, the Goob.  I think it is pretty cute, and anyway, I still have enough left over to make something for the Goob, I am thinking the new Playtime Tunic by none other than Oliver + S.  The size eight definitely worked out much better, and I am excited because it is super easy and quick to make.  Another added bonus is that it only takes about one yard of fabric (60" wide)...awesome again!  Quick note, the Heather Ross jersey knit is not 60" wide it is about 45" wide, so you need a bit more yardage of that one....but it is worth it if you ask me.  And one last thing, I am wearing my Noonday Collection paper bead necklace with my knit top below, if you have never heard of the company you should check it out when you have is definitely worth it.

My other knit project this week, was a cute little idea I got from a sample piece I saw at the Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA.  I "had to" make the trek over there this week, because I discovered that they had the Deer and Doe patterns!  Once I get something in my head it is pretty much stuck there.  Anyway, super cute shop and the owner Nicole is super great as well.  I got a few pretty awesome finds there as well...and of course spent more than I should have.
Back to the knit project, it was a cute scarf that was basically a long rectangle of thin knit fabric with some shirring.  This was my first real attempt at shirring and it worked, however my stitch were gathering too much, but after taking the stitches out of a complete row three times, I just left it.  It is a bit on the short side and I think that I added one too many rows of stitches, but the Goob loves it, so that is cool!
To think I was going to make this a short post! 

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  1. Lovely! I hear that Liesl is announcing new digital adult patterns this month!

  2. I want to try sewing with knits, and my serger that I have never really used, but I'm a bit intimidated. Your t's turned out really nice! The scarf looks so comfy!