Thursday, October 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Well, Halloween crept up on me again and I am rushing to get the costumes finished, typical!  One day I am going to stop saying, "Oh, I can make that" and just buy the darn things.  Granted I am not making all four, so baby steps I suppose.  Luckily my oldest, who is now thirteen took the reigns on her costume and I only had to help a little, which was awesome.  Then on the opposite end of the spectrum in my two year old, who wants to be the Little Mermaid with the pink dress....pretty specific I thought!  I had a Simplicity pattern that I am basing the dress on, and I just made a few modification to make it look a bit more like the Little Mermaid's dress from the movie.  

In addition to the dress I also need to make a quick Jedi about last minute!  At least that one doesn't have to be done before school, so I have a few more hours. I cannot wait to finish up with these costumes so that I can get back to my other sewing and also finally finish up a quilt I have been quilting for what seems like ages!  Until Friday....

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  1. I hope everyone is enjoying their homemade costumes, they really are the best!