Sunday, November 10, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along: Quilting

I just finished the quilting on my advent calendar quilt for the Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along over at Better Off Thread.
I wanted to do something fast, but still unique.  I really like pebble quilting and I thought it would look neat on the advent quilt because it looks similar to snow.  Since, it definitely takes a lot of time to do, I decided only to do it around the very outer edge of the quilt.  Then along the vertical columns in between the pockets I did a holly and berry pattern.  
Lastly, in the little horizontal rectangular areas between the pockets I did a loopy like design that I decided I really like as well.  
I think I like the outcome.  I always try not to quilt really small and close together, but I always end up doing it that way anyway!  My pockets also ended up getting really puffy.  I tried to keep this from happening, but I think because there were so many layers when I would quilt up to it the free motion foot would basically push the pocket away...even when I held it.  Anyway, long story short, its quilted!
Quick note about thread quality.  I was having a terrible time with my bobbin thread nesting underneath my quilt as well as the upper thread breaking repeatedly.  I tried what I thought was everything to fix it to include changing the needle twice, re-threading everything multiple times, taking apart the machine and cleaning it out, etc....  Then it wasn't until I changed my thread to lovely Aurifil thread did the problem stop....completely!  I wasn't completely convinced of the importance of good thread until I started sewing with Aurifil and I will tell you I am now a firm believer.

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