Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Finishes: Advent Calendar and Voile Infinity Scarf

With so many projects that I am trying to work on right now, the only one that had any hope of getting finished today was the advent calendar for the Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along at Better Off Thread.  All I had left to finish on it was the binding, as well as pockets and tabs on the back for hanging.  It never fails though, when I am trying to finish something in a hurry, something inevitably goes wrong.  Because I was short on time, I decided to sew my binding on with my sewing machine.  I normally hand sew my binding, and I never have a problem when using a 2 1/2" wide strip of fabric folded in half and then sewn on with a 3/8" seam. However, I guess I need to make my binding a little wider if I am going to machine sew it in the future, because I had a terrible time catching the binding on the back of the quilt with the stitching.  With all of the trouble I had, I felt that I might as well have just finished it by hand!  Anyway, I wasn't too worried about it since it will be on the wall and only up at Christmas.  I have been told many times not to sweat the small stuff, so I am considering this a small thing for now.  I decided to do a scrappy binding since I have never done one before and the calendar is scrappy anyway.  I couldn't resist taking a photo of the cute little roll.
Now here it is on the finished product.  I sort of wanted it a little more scrappy but got lazy...oops!
Well, it is done!  And I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for starting and finishing a project for Christmas well before Christmas....and in the same year I might add!  Sorry Steffy, you will have your tree skirt this year, for sure.
The advent was finished before I lost my photo light, however the voile infinity scarf, that I wanted to make as a gift, didn't make the cut.  I did finish it though....yay!  It really didn't take much time at all, which I love.  I usual think something isn't going to take as long as it actually does, but this one was really fast, and I LOVE the outcome.  I almost want to keep it for myself, but since it was so easy I could probably sneak one in for myself at some point down the line!  Below is a photo of the scarf wrapped three -times, and again sorry for the lighting.  I used It's a Plus voile from Rashida Coleman-Hale's Koi Collection with Cloud 9 Fabrics.  I truly love that fabric.
The photo below just shows the scarf length.  You can really wear it so many ways, but I am going to let you use your imagination since I am a not-so-good model.
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  1. I totally love your Advent Calendar! The scrappy binding sets it off perfectly. I may have to copy :) The infinity scarf is really cool, too ~ looks great in that fabric!

  2. Love it and I love that scrappy binding!!!! You did a great job. I feel the same way about my advent calendar. It was so nice to start and finish a project this year and have it done in time!

  3. Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by

    I love this calendar. You did an excellent job with the quilting. Making something like this is surely on my list, but I'm not going to make it year. Oh well, there's always next year! :)

  4. Love that scarf! And the advent calendar is super cute!

  5. Scarf love! And scrappy anything just makes me happy!